Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A new place in Chennai, a new milestone in the history, a new revolution for a new generation – Welcome to TECHKIDZ

It was a cloudy day and I was at my new start-up, a place with ample space exhibiting comfort and a 
sense of excitement. I saw the boy Arjun aged 8 jump up in enthusiasm as the lid of a small plastic bottle popped out with a loud sound. We were practically demonstrating the concept of ‘Pressure’ with the help of ‘Dry Ice’. Arjun’s enthusiasm made me grin with joy.

Located in Vadapalani - Welcome to the new innovative fun filled place, a step ahead in the education system – TECHKIDZ LAB which is designed based on the concept of STEM (Science, technology, engineering and Mathematics) – the four pillars of innovation.

I would like to introduce ourselves as Bhavithra T and Praneetha G – MBA graduates, loving mothers, entrepreneurs and a lot more. We do get so enthusiastic Just like the kids in the class while explaining and relating the concepts.

I have always believed that curiosity is innate and we as children are not encouraged to develop it. Our education system is too rigid that it does not provide the opportunity for the young minds to question and solve problems. The goal behind TechKidz is to provide the opportunity and to help in developing such mindset in the minds of the future.

Our (TECHKIDZ) objective is to provide a practical approach to the theories and concepts taught in schools. Anything that appeals to all the senses or the most of it has a lasting impact on our understanding and knowledge. You can never master something just by reading about it unless you want to master being a reader!! When you practice, experiment, feel, it opens a new level of understanding of a concept. You grow a pair of wings that enables you to question and analyze various angles leading to unimaginable possibilities.

TechKidz gives the enjoyment of learning things in a new enjoyable way, feeding the curiosity of the 
young minds, making them looking forward to learn Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Punch of the day: Practice makes perfection and Practical Knowledge leads to inception.

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